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Resumé Services

Are you looking to take your

resumé and cover letter to the next level?

Naima will elevate your resumé and cover letter and tailor it for it your next career!


Are you looking for a dynamic speaker

to engage with your team?

Topics include: 

  • Diversity and Inclusion 

  • Understanding and Building Team dynamics 

  • Morale Boosters 

  • Goal Setting

  • Career Development 

  • Time Management 


Leadership Development

Leadership is Action, Not Position”  - Donald H. McGannon

Naima is an excellent choice for your leadership development needs regardless of team size. She is able to work with any group to help them maximize their true leadership skills.

Workshops can range from 30mins to 2hrs according to your needs. 

Event Curator

Looking for a great way to network and build connections?

Stay tuned for upcoming events. 


Click here to check out Naima's newest book.

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